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Prove your products improves Quality of Life.

Proven Quality builds brand trust, increases revenue, and differentiates your products by using Real World Evidence (RWE) to measure cannabis efficacy.


If your products heal, you get the Proven Quality Seal.

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Bringing Healthcare Outcomes To Cannabis


Our Approach

With 30 years of healthcare experience, we prove products heal using the SF-36 Medical Outcome Study (“MOS”) originally designed by the U.S. Government and the Rand Research Corporation. The SF-36 is a widely used and empirically studied tool within the health service industry for the evaluation of patient's overall health and the cost-effectiveness analysis of treatment (Ware & Sherbourne, 1992).

Leveraging these RWE outcomes we can measure a cannabis brand’s increases (or decreases) in their customers’ Quality of Life scores. With this data brands can improve customer retention, fix product issues, and drive more revenue.


Designed by healthcare experts and used millions of times to prove outcomes.


Less than 60 days from getting started, you get results and if your products work you get the Proven Quality Seal.


Plug and play healthcare surveys that integrate into your CRMs for email delivery.

Publish Result

Because we believe in advancing the industry through outcomes, we work closely with the FDA by sharing all of our WhitePapers and anonymous data with them to help inform positive policy decision around safety and quality.


Your customers will love this as it shows them you have standards and value efficacy.




Get AuditED

We administer the Medical Outcomes Study 36-Item Short-Form Health Survey (the “SF-36”), a self-report questionnaire designed to evaluate Quality of Life (QoL) elements of physical and mental health.



After administering the surveys twice (“Baseline” and “4-Week Follow Up”) our professionals credentialed in the SF-36 methodology analyze the two data sets. We then give you these valuable insights and customer segmentation data to drive your strategic business decisions and inform dose and product use recommendations.


Earn Your SEAL

If your brand demonstrates an increase in Quality of Life as measured from Baseline to the 4-Week Follow Up (a “Measurable Improvement”), then you earn the Proven Quality Seal on product packaging, promotion and advertising, marketing, point of sale material, websites.

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